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Karst phenomena

There are some of the karst areas and caves which forms the center of interes of the Amateur Cavers' Club from Cluj:

Stanciului-Seaca area in Vladeasa Mountains hide the most beautiful Vârfuraș cave at 1175 m altitude.

The Vântului (Winds') and the Izbândiș caves wich are in closely neighbourghhood in Șuncuiuș area of the Pădurea Craiului Mountains. The Vântului Cave is the longest Romanian cave, having more than 50 km of galleries, representing also the longest cave from South-eastern Europe. The Izbândiș cave with up to 200 l/s mean annual discharge is one of the biggest karst springs in these mountains.

Stanciului-Seacă - Vântului (Winds') cave - Izbândiș cave - Ponoraș cave

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